A Jungle in the Desert

Dubai, UAE
4-Wall Interior Residential Mural

Spot the strong stare of a tiger, a fluttering blue butterfly, a toucan touched upon a branch,
and a plethora of jungle greenery.

A cozy corner showcases a nurturing gorilla nestled in a patch of plantains.
Two agile orangutans swing from the vines above.

Blossoming banana leaves
fold around a flock of flamingos.

The jungle floor reveals flourishing flora.
A jaguar catches rest upon a root,
while a snake above coils and constricts.

A tree frog lands upon a large leaf, 
while a chameleon cowers among the plants.

A pair of parrots prop within a focal foliage tree,
while another parrot propels its wings.

Calming, captivating details capture a child's delight.



The Client provided design direction and a list of elements to incorporate.

Design Direction

Design Drafting

We drafted designs to craft a general concept and layout. 

Mural Installation

We received revision requests from the Client.

The Client requested a softer background color to lighten up the design color scheme.

Upon viewing the physical space in person, we made a few layout changes. We moved the flying parrot into the forefront of the waterfall, added a baby gorilla to accompany the mama, and switched out the waterfall cheetah for a couple of pink flamingos.

We added rocks to the waterfall's design upon the Client's plan to add a future rock climbing wall.

Creative problem solving is our strength!

Revision Requests

We prepared the walls and began to paint!

The mural was completed in 3.5 weeks.

Client Objective: The Dubai desert joins the jungle in an engaging and refreshing child-friendly play space featuring a desired list of
 jungle animals, a focal tree, and waterfall.


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