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3 Tips to Draw From Observation - Online Course

You want to learn how to draw, but don’t even know where to start...
You’ve worked on your stick figures for years, but are thinking it’s time to retire them…

Allow me to let you in on a little secret...anyone can learn how to draw. Yes, anyone. Even you.
You don’t have to be “creative”. You don’t have to be “artistic”. You don’t have to be “gifted”.
You just have to be willing to learn!
Perfect for beginner and intermediate artists, in this online course I walk you through 3 of my most approachable and time-saving tips to draw from observation.
I fill you in on physical drawing tips, but also the mental key you’ve been missing all along.
We keep it super simple and no fuss, utilizing items you already have at home and can find right outside your door.
You won’t even have to run to the store
for supplies, because I know you’re super busy with a jam-packed schedule.
Hi, I’m Brandy Klindworth. I’m a nature artist who has turned art educator because I know you have what it takes inside you to learn how to draw.
I want to show you...
> Why your drawings never match up with the object you’re actually trying to draw
> How to choose a starting point so the different parts of your drawing don’t end up all the wrong sizes and in the wrong places...
> How to make it look like your drawing is popping off the page with a 3-D effect
PLUS, an extra bonus tip:
> I’ll introduce you to the best friend you’ve been at odds with this whole time.
These tips apply for drawing anything and everything, but will especially be helpful for you if you enjoy plant identification and field studies.
What are you waiting for? Your newfound drawing skills are waiting for you inside…

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