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5 Ways to Get Inspired at Home WITHOUT the Internet⁣

Are you finding yourself at home more and consistently reaching for your phone or surfing the web looking for inspiration? With so many sources of information so readily at our fingertips, it can be easy to forget that some of our best ideas may come through getting hands-on with objects lying around our own homes without ever having to use the internet.

Get ready to dig through your own personal treasure trove of inspiration without ever logging in or leaving the house!
1 - Dig through your collection of books and magazines. When looking at books, check through children’s books if possible for fonts, illustrations, color palettes, etc. Don’t forget recipe books - often they have illustrations. Glance through and read any snippets that catch your eye. If you have magazines, cut out phrases or pictures that inspire you. (I keep magazine cutouts as an inspiration collage on my studio wall and also keep a file of extra cut outs to dig through for inspiration.)

    2 - Open up the doors to your fridge or pantry. Analyze how fonts were paired together on packaging and how certain colors choices represent a message the product is trying to send. Study how the design layout was arranged on the shape of the product packaging. Identify why certain aspects catch your eye or why you are more drawn to some products over others. 

    3 - Dig through your textiles - clothing closets, linens, dish towels. Which patterns are your favorite? Which color combos inspire you? Is there a way you could try to replicate the feeling of a fabric as a 2-D design? Could you recreate an existing design in a new way?

    4 - Leaf through old photos. Our memories and experiences can hold an amazing source of inspiration and be a way to tell your unique story. Identify what unique things from your past make up who you are and allow those things to come through in a new body of work.

    5 - Gather together a collection of household items made of different materials. A wrench from the garage, a copper teapot from the kitchen, a dishtowel, a houseplant…arrange them together and see how they compliment each other while contrasting. Go so far as to rearrange your house decor placing contrasting materials amongst each other to create a sense of balance within the room. Analyze how moving things around to new places revitalizes the room and refreshes your mind in a “new” environment, in turn inspiring you. ⁣

      Inspiration is right under our nose if we know where to look for it and stay present to our daily surroundings.
        I hope this helps you to see your bookshelf, pantry, wardrobe, linen closet, and boxed away photos in in a new light worth noting.
        Was this helpful for you? What are your favorite ways to get inspired without the internet?
        Bookmark this list for times when you are in need of some inspiration and can’t leave the house!

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