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7 Steps to Turn Your Art Prints into Profit

Let me guess: you’re sick and tired of putting off making prints of your art because you don’t know how to make them or where to start. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve got you. ⁣ Bookmark this post and reference it later on when you're ready to turn your art prints into profit!
Sell your Own Art Prints in 7 Steps

STEP 1) Make an original artwork.⁣

STEP 2) Make a high resolution scan of the original artwork to turn it into a digital file.

(If you don’t have a scanner, bring it to an office store or print shop and have them make a scan to put on a flash drive for you).⁣

STEP 3) Use Photoshop or Gimp to turn the digital scan of your artwork into a PNG, removing the background paper from the image.⁣

STEP 4) Option A: If making prints yourself, purchase and/or order desired paper for the prints.

I use matte photo paper & 100% cotton rag paper. Check out my FAV paper company here: (I may receive a very small commission if you place an order by going through my website.) ⁣

Make prints. You will have lots of trial & error with the print color tones & your printer. You will likely need to make edits and changes to match original artwork as close as you can when printing. Don’t give up, you will get it with some tweaks!⁣ ⁣

Option B: Find a local printing shop to request a quote and have them make prints for you.

They may have you select from paper they have in stock, or may allow you to bring in your own paper if you want to utilize something they don’t have.

STEP 5) Purchase packaging supplies for the prints.

I use acid-free archival mat-boards and plastic sleeves to package the prints. Check out my FAV packaging company here: (I may receive a very small commission if you place an order by going through my website.)

STEP 6) Make labels for your prints if you want to sell.

I include a small label on the front and larger label on the back with all legally complying packaging information, product description, price, etc.⁣

STEP 7) Package your prints, label, and sell! 💸🚀⁣

You may bumble through the process the first few times, but once you have systems in place and figure out what you’re doing, it becomes second nature!⁣

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